Million Dollar Plan Ignite!

Group Coaching for the Entrepreneurs Growing a Business

The Million Dollar Plan Ignite is a group coaching and strategy program that goes for four weeks and accepts new members a couple times a year. We understand that not every business is the same, and some members can choose to stay in the group for ongoing support. We meet once a week for workshops, that are voted by members, and we answer Q&A’s at the end of each workshop. Perfect for any entrepreneur searching for their message, brand and marketing plan.

ScaleUP Academy

Online Marketing Training Courses for Entrepreneurs

Online marketing strategies are ever-changing, and we started building training material for our clients to stay ahead of the latest trends. This has come together to be our ScaleUP Academy twelve module courses, and our advanced training courses. This training is kept up to date with the latest marketing trends that are proven to be working, and we continue to educate members in the best practices for their businesses through workshops.

ScaleUP Media

How to Launch a Bestselling Book in 5 Weeks!

Inside ScaleUP Media, we have created tools and guides for authors to plan, write and launch their next books! We have documented book launches, and take members step-by-step through the processes to create sales machines to market books online and through self-publishing, launch successful campaigns through Amazon.

ScaleUP 360


Check back for our upcoming live events launching in 2016!


Million Dollar Plan

Leverage Technology to Scale

The Million Dollar Plan book is essential for any entrepreneur who wants to grow their business online. Matt leads the reader through creating their Million Dollar Plan, each step of the way through planning, through to the execution of creating successful online promotions. The base of the book contains genius strategies behind creating marketing machines, and leveraging these systems to scale.