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The Millionaire Architect podcast with Matt Ganzak features behind the scenes access to seven and eight figure a year businesses. Learn tips from leading experts on optimizing your productivity, your marketing, your health and your life.


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Tune in to The Millionaire Architect Podcast with Matt Ganzak, where he will show you what it takes to build and run a seven and eight figure a year business.

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Matt Ganzak

CEO of ScaleUP Media & MyCredits

Matt is a marketing and business development strategist for millionaires and billionaires. His focus is helping consultants and coaches to level up their businesses through streamlined operations and optimized marketing campaigns. Over the last 15 years, Matt has sold millions of dollars in products and services worldwide, and has created several multi-million dollar startups. Matt is the author of the bestselling book Million Dollar Plan, developer of several software platforms, marketing genius behind several top influencers, and product innovation expert. His focus is helping entrepreneurs improve their wealth, optimize their health and balance their lives with strengthening systems to grow their businesses. Read More >>> 

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